Mica Band Heaters

Construction Configurations

Hinge Construction (includes 2-piece construction adder)
2-Piece ConstructionExpandable Construction
Fully Notched
Reverse or Internal Band Heater (6" OD Minimum)
Stainless Steel Sheath

Clamping Options

Full Width Strap
Latch & Trunion*
Strap (6-32, 10-24, or 1/4-20 thread)
Welded on Barrel Nuts (BIS)
Spring Loaded Screws (add to Strap, Flange*, FWS, or BIS*) * Double the Per Width adders for 2-Piece construction

Termination and Lead Options (Added to Base Price)

**Fiberglass Leads (A or B)Metal Braid (C,D, or E) includes 3" of leads beyond braid
Armor Cable (F) includes 3" of lead beyond armor
Ground Wire or Ground Post (with T-Box add Custom Pricing)
Ex-Flex, Fiberglass or Silicone Sleeving
Copper Elbow
Post Terminals 10-24 thread (parallel, off-set or horizontal)
Ceramic Post Terminal Covers
Post Terminals - Extended
Terminal Box - Custom
Terminal Box - Standard (1.5"W x 1.5"T x 3"L)
Erge Plug (G)
Erge Plug (G) with Ground
Erge Plug (G) with Housing 

Holes, Cut-Outs, and Gaps

Cut-Outs < 1/2" Wide
Cut-Outs ≥ 1/2" Wide
Holes < 1" in Diameter
Holes ≥ 1" in Diameter
rMounting Holes up to 0.375" 
Note: Holes located in gaps or on edges will be priced as cutouts. Drawing may be required.


3-Phase Construction
Dual Voltage
External Jumper
Internal Jumper
Silicone Seal
Strain Relief
Thermocouple Bayonet AdaptorThermocouple - Built in
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