Mica Strip Heaters

Construction Configurations (Added to Base Price)
Butt Casing
Fully Notched
Stainless Steel Sheath
Termination and Lead Options (Added to Base Price)
Armor Cable (F) includes 3" of lead beyond armor
Ceramic Post Terminal Covers
Copper Elbow
Erge Plug (G)
Erge Plug (G) with Ground
Erge Plug (G) with Housing
Ex-Flex, Fiberglass or Silicone Sleeving
Fiberglass Leads (A or B)
Ground Wire or Ground Post (with T-Box add Custom Pricing)
Metal Braid (C,D, or E) includes 3" of Leads beyond Braid)
Post Terminals, 10-24 threads (parallel, offset, or horizontal)
Post Terminals, Extended
Terminal Box - Custom
Terminal Box - Standard (1.5"W x 1.5"T x 3"L)
Holes and Cut-Outs
Cut-Outs < 1/2" Wide
Cut-Outs ≥ 1/2" Wide
Holes < 1" in Diameter
Holes ≥ 1" in Diameter
Mounting Holes up to 0.375" (first two are free)
Note: Holes located in gaps or on edges will be priced as cutouts. Drawing may be required.
3-Phase Construction (with T-Box add Custom Pricing)
Dual Circuit (with T-Box add Custom Pricing)
Dual Voltage (with T-Box add Custom Pricing)
External JumperInternal Jumper
Silicone Seal
Strain Relief Thermocouple Ba
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