Rotary Electrical Connectors
Model 205
Two Conductor, 4 AMPS
High-speed model available (205-H)
Low-torque/low-temp. models available (205-L)
Available with stainless steel ball bearing (205-SS)
Mercotac model 205 is ideal for two-wire applications, such as thermocouples, strain gages, eddy current test devices, and wind turbine blade sensors, due to its compact size, quality signal connection, low torque and low cost.
Model 205 replaces the old model 590 for Leslie speakers and Hammond organs.
.Installation Notes:

 •the up arrow should not point below horizontal
•do not solder to or bend connector tabs
•avoid lateral forces and mechanical loads (overly stiff or tight wires)
•do not rigid mount both ends of connector
•limit mounting eccentricity (runout / wobble) to .005" (.13mm)
•provide overload protection within the circuit
•avoid vibration and bumping motions

"SS" designator indicates stainless steel ball bearing (recommended for wet or corrosive environments)
"L" designator indicates low torque / low temp.
"LS" designator indicates low temp. & stainless steel ball bearing
"H" designator indicates high RPM
"HS" designator indicates high RPM & stainless steel ball bearing

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