DataVU 7 Paperless Chart Recorder
DataVU 7 provides advanced flexibility to meet a user’s specific requirements without the need to change a process to fit the recorder. If process requirements are subject to change at a later date then the user benefits from the ease with which modifications can be made to the recorder configuration.

The recorder is fully scalable – cards can be added to the recorder, facilitating future expansion.

Reporting can be tailored to provide the exact information needed. The DataVU 7 allows reports to be created for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly periods. Furthermore if particular data needs to be evaluated then reports can be created using a custom date range to provide maximum flexibility.

Benefits and Features
1 x 4 digit LED display with 2 outputs LED

Easy-to-use autotuning

Simple menu-driven configuration

Single ramp/soak (dwell) program

IP66 protection

CALgrafix datalogging software

Product Category: Recorders and Data Acquisition 

Recorder Type: Paperless 

Dimensions and size: 144mm x 144mm x 214mm (HxWxD)

Number of Internal Analog Channels: 6 

Number of External Analog Channels: 0 

Number of Digital Inputs: 4 

Number of Relay Outputs: 3 

Power Supply: 100–240V AC

20-53 AC/DC

Communications: RS232/485 Modbus (option), Ethernet (option) 

HMI: Push button opertation with soft keys

5" TFT colour screen - 144mm x 144mm / 320 x 240 pixel screen

Certifications: UL, cUL 

Other Functions: Up to 31 prog x 126 segment programmer (fixed memory of 351 bytes)

dAC (derivative approach control)

Counters/Integrators (6 channels)

Maths (6 channels)

Web Server (option)

Software Tools: Set Up, Data Evaluation, Communication ​
PCA3000 + PCC Configuration Software

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